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Posted by on Monday, February 5, 2018 in Student Activities .

Vanderbilt AMA-TMA serves as the connection between the medical school and several important bodies in the world of organized medicine: the American Medical Association, the Tennessee Medical Association, and the Nashville Academy of Medicine. These groups operate at the national, state, and local levels to ensure that the needs of physicians, residents, and med students are being met, and to advocate for policy and governmental initiatives to ensure the best possible conditions for both patients and practitioners.


Our chapter has hosted multiple events on campus to foster involvement in advocacy, such as lunches with physician legislators, and panels about important topics in health policy. We also participate in off-campus events, such as informational seminars on getting involved in legislation at the Nashville Academy of Medicine, as well as TMA's Day on the Hill, in which physicians and trainees go to the state capitol and meet with legislators. Several members have also represented Vanderbilt at national meetings, such as the annual AMA convention in Chicago, and helped to push forth important resolutions which guide AMA national policy. 

If you are interested in politics, advocacy, and having a voice in the changing world of healthcare, AMA-TMA is the group for you.