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Across the Atlantic and Back Again: How Adrian Cadar’s cardiac research took him to Germany and what he brought back with him

Feb. 6, 2020—by Emma Mattson Adrian Cadar’s passion for heart research began in an unexpected place: the fishing pond. “When I was a kid, I fished a lot with my dad. Fishing was boring, but the coolest thing was when we cut the fish open, we could actually see the heart beat for the first time,” Cadar...

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My Research Year Out in the Medical Scholars Program

Oct. 7, 2019—by Stephanie Hadley, MS4 At the beginning of my third year of med school, I began to seriously consider applying for a research year. Having gone straight from college to medical school, I thought that doing a year of research before starting residency would be a good opportunity to gain experience in a different field...

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The Year-Out Experience: A Year of Research through the Doris Duke Clinical Research Mentorship

Jul. 16, 2018—Due to my interest in research as a career, I decided to pursue a year-out from medical school to gain necessary research skills to be successful as a clinical researcher. I was fortunate enough to have found a mentor in Dr. DeBaun, who has extensive research and mentorship experience in sickle cell disease. By doing...

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Tips for Conquering the Literature

Apr. 9, 2018—MSTP student Alex Sundermann shares five tips for identifying the most relevant papers, organizing interesting publications, and remembering why an article was flagged as “Super Important!” months after reading it. Read her Tips for Conquering the Literature post on the MSTP blog and visit to learn more about the Medical Scientist Training Program.

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My Research Year Off

Jan. 15, 2016—I love research. I struggled with the decision on whether to apply to the MSTP program before, and while already enrolled at Vandy. I did basic science research in undergrad, and came to Vandy and wanted to try some different things. I got involved in quality improvement, clinical, and translational research during first year to...

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