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Airway Management Workshop

Dec. 10, 2018—by Alice Liao The Anesthesia Interest Group (AIG) held an airway management workshop in CELA last Wednesday, introducing first-year medical students to  the first part of our ABCs — Airway! The workshop also gave upperclass medical students a chance to review. Anesthesia residents (Drs. Jared Cummings, Katherine Williams, and Simon Martin) taught the basics of...

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Cancer Survivorship

Jan. 8, 2018—Last week, the Oncology Interest Group sponsored a talk on Cancer Survivorship and the cardiovascular complications of cancer therapy. For many patients and health care providers, the lasting effects of cancer therapy are often an afterthought during treatment: lost in the workflow of hectic inpatient admissions and emotionally draining outpatient appointments. However, as cancer treatments...

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Why I Love Emergency Medicine

Jan. 20, 2016—Hi! I’m Nate, a third-year medical student, and I plan to go into emergency medicine. When you get to medical school, you’ll quickly find out that every specialty, from family medicine to neurosurgery, has stereotypes. Often these are unfair, but most have a grain (or two) of truth to them. The stereotype for EM doctors...

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