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Fourth-year med students reflect on Virtual Match Day and offer advice for other med students

Apr. 13, 2020—by Emma Mattson Each year, Match Day marks an important milestone for fourth-year medical students transitioning into residency. This year, we asked ten fourth years to share their reflections on our virtual Match Day, as well as a piece of advice for other med students. Here’s what they had to say. Shaunak Amin I thought...

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At the Precipice of the Unknown: VUSM Alumni share their memories from past Match Days!

Mar. 9, 2020—by Emma Mattson Michael Young started looking forward to Match Day before he even entered medical school. As a college student, Young (VUSM Class of 2009) watched a recording of Vanderbilt’s Match Day. Even then, he sensed the excitement of the event and wondered what his own Match Day would be like. The event certainly...

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Match Day 2018 – Looking Forward

Mar. 14, 2018—For four years I have watched colleagues take the stage in Langford Auditorium to announce their match. I have always imagined that I could understand their emotions as they walk down the aisle, collect the match letter, and declare their results to the world. But, in reality, I had no idea. This year of preparing...

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VUSM Alumni Share Match Day Memories and Advice

Mar. 12, 2018—This will sound incredibly trite, but I cannot believe that Match Day was already one year ago. So much time, money, travel, and angst goes into preparing for this day, but, once the day finally arrives, it feels like such an accelerated blur. I was matching into ophthalmology, so my “big” match day actually happened...

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