Microbes Defense Academic Society

Johnny Wei
May 8, 2017

The Microbes Defense Academic Society (MDAS) is composed of Vanderbilt medical students and graduate students who share an academic interest in microbiology and immunology. MDAS likes to host both academic and social events that are related to these two broad but exciting academic fields. However, our premier events are review sessions for the first-year medical students held during their Microbes and Immunity block. These sessions are almost like a speed-dating session, with the first-years rotating from room to room as MDAS members review high-yield topics and concepts in 10 minutes or less. The first-years have always found the review sessions to be super helpful for their end-of-block exam, and the upperclassmen are very enthusiastic to lead the review sessions, as a lot of us joined MDAS because we wanted to participate in this experience.