Wine Club

Joe Luchsinger
June 19, 2017

Wine Club holds regular meetings that allow students to relax, socialize with fellow classmates, and take a break from studying while experiencing and learning about wine. Topics covered during these fun and interactive evenings can range from a specific type of wine or region, wine tasting and pairings, how to make wine, the nuances of how a specific region can affect the taste of wine, etc.

Students are also encouraged to ask questions and discuss their own personal experience with wine. Our events are accessible to students with all levels of wine knowledge and are well suited for anyone interested in learning more about wine, wine science, and wine culture. Our goal is to provide students with the tools to better understand, speak about, order, and appreciate wine.

A recent event titled “Wine 101, a tour through French Reds!” (photo below) was a one and a half hour wine basic class. Using the Board of Trust room, we sampled seven red wines from regions all across France. The focus of the evening was to develop comfort with some of the basic skills needed to both appreciate and confidently buy or serve wine in various settings. We worked through the “deductive tasting method,” paired wine with different foods and cheeses, discussed the science behind “terroir,” and the physics of wine tears along with other wine characteristics. Cited works from the event encompassed everything from to Nature. 

With roughly 60 students in attendance, the evening proved to be a fun evening for students of all years to come together around a shared interest.