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First Years Share What It Means to Receive the White Coat

Posted by on Monday, August 27, 2018 in White Coat .

Receiving my white coat was incredibly humbling. Donning the white coat was not just the act of putting a coat on our backs, but also was symbolic for my classmates and I relieving our future patients of the burdens they carry when they come to our care.

Carsen Cash


It means the world to receive my white coat with my Mom and Dad in attendance. The ceremony was wonderful and I am grateful to be starting medical school with such a great support staff of students, faculty, and family!

Leland Dunwoodie

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Receiving my white coat was simultaneously the culmination of a childhood fantasy and the commencement of an entirely new dream. I cannot thank my family enough for getting me here. I feel truly blessed.

Timothy Schurz


Receiving my white coat felt like an acknowledgment of the effort that my support system and I had put in leading up to my matriculation in medical school. Even more so, wearing a white coat for the first time felt like an honor that is accompanied by a responsibility to always learn, always care, and always listen for as many years as I enjoy a career in medicine.

Gabrielle Davis

Now that I’ve been given a white coat, I realize that my journey at Vanderbilt will consist of much more than just studying medicine. I must also learn how to mindfully balance the responsibilities and privileges that are materialized into my white coat. However, I am eager to embark on this journey at Vanderbilt, where there are plenty of mentors to teach me how best to serve my community and contribute to the greater good.

Chesley Ekelem