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Hiking through Medical School

Posted by on Monday, October 1, 2018 in Nashville, Student Life .

by Sydney Rooney

As a medical student, it’s easy to get bogged down in work. That being said, Vanderbilt does a good job encouraging our wellness and letting us know it is important to exercise both our body and our mind. The weather in Nashville in the summer is so sunny that it’s great to get some outdoor exercise like hiking. My friends and I went to Radnor Lake recently for a short hike, which is a popular hiking spot for medical students. It doesn’t take too long to hike the whole thing, making it perfect for a medical student with a busy schedule. While we were there, we saw turtles, a bald eagle, and a few deer, and it felt great to relax in nature. The best thing we spotted? Two Vanderbilt physicians, both of which recognized us from school and chatted with us for a little bit. Radnor Lake is a great place to hike as a beginner, and I hope you all give it a shot!