Department of Pharmacology



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Joey V. Barnett, Ph.D.

Acting Chair 

I am pleased to welcome you to the Department of Pharmacology.  We are one of the most distinguished Pharmacology departments in the country.  Research interests in the department include five major areas:

  • signal transduction
  • neuroscience
  • bioactive lipid metabolism
  • genetic basis of cardiovascular dysfunction
  • drug metabolism

Molecules under investigation include G-protein coupled receptors (rhodopsin, adrenergic, serotonin and receptors), heterotrimeric G-proteins, ion channels, transporters and regulatory proteins such as arrestins, protein kinases and protein phosphatases.

Mission Statement

We engage in scientific discovery to elucidate biological mechanisms and develop novel therapeutics.  We provide training focused on critical thinking to promote innovation, scholarship and integrity.  To this end, we foster creativity, collegiality, and leadership.