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Pharmacology Graduate Student Association (PhGSA)

2018 Student Leaders


Immediate Past President – Stephanie Moore

President – Nicole Perry

VP of Executive Affairs – Eric Figueroa

Co-VPs of Community Affairs – Kayla Shumate and Brittany Spitznagel

Co-VPs of Academics – Nicole Fisher and James Maksymetz

VP of Finances – Breanne Gibson

VP of Communications – Rachel Fischer

First Year Student Representatives – Joe Balsamo, Jordan Brown, and Sheryl Vermudez

GSC Rep (VP of Exec. Affairs) – Eric Figueroa

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Past PhGSA

PhGSA President


Nicole Perry

Graduate Student, V. Gurevich and Iverson laboratories
BS and BA, Wittenburg University (2014)

Nicki is under the co-mentorship of Dr. Gurevich and Dr. Iverson, whose labs she officially joined in April 2015. Her chosen thesis research, which is to elucidate the interaction of arrestin-3 with the mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs), is based on evidence from both labs and current publications in the field. As a member of two labs, Nicki is presented with the unique opportunity to approach her scientific questions from two angles: biochemical assays, which allow her to conduct studies of arrestin function, and macromolecular X-ray crystallography, which she uses to determine different arrestin complex structures. This arrangement enables her to develop novel functional experiments with the help of solved crystal structures, a process that usually requires extensive collaboration. It also exposes her to a wide variety of experimental techniques, which range from basic molecular and cell biology to advanced instrumental study.

Lab Websites: