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NIH Strategic Plan for Biomedical and Behavioral Training

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In 2011, The National Institute for General Medical Sciences published their Strategic Plan for Biomedical and Behavioral Research Training. A sampling of action items:

  • Strongly encourage the use of individual development plans (IDPs) on all NIGMS-sponsored training and research awards.
  • Require that all postdoctoral positions supported by NIGMS funds have IDPs that include a well-considered end-of-training target.
  • Promote the importance of activities, programs and courses that enrich trainees’ skills in the business of science, laboratory- and people-management, and mentoring.
  • Encourage exposure to multiple career path options for graduate students and postdoctoral trainees.
  • Ensure that reviewers are aware of the multiple career paths open to well-trained scientists by developing and implementing educational sessions for reviewers at various levels.

Now, The Blueprint for Implementation is now available. One of the most important messages in the blueprint is that research training is a partnership between NIH and the academic community.The blueprint aims to provide the NIGMS view of what excellent training is, along with encouragement and resources to adopt and improve certain practices to achieve the goals of the action items. Use the feedback form to send them your comments, questions, suggestions and examples.

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