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2015 Summer Intensive for Entrepreneurship and Commercialization

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Are you interested in a career in business, entrepreneurship, technology transfer, or consulting? If so, then SAVE THE DATES!

This summer, the BRET Office of Career Development hopes to offer a free short course, the Summer Intensive for Entrepreneurship and Commercialization, for biomedical sciences postdocs and PhD students (see attached syllabus).

Limited to 20 participants and designed to introduce fundamental business principles and practices, the Summer Intensive will be a prerequisite for postdocs and PhD students who wish to work on real client projects by auditing an engineering management business course: Enterprise Systems DesignTechnology Marketing, or Capstone Project. The Summer Intensive will also serve as the foundation for a Biomedical Business Capstone course that will be developed pending funding and interest.

If you want to receive more information about the Summer Intensive for Entrepreneurship and Commercialization, please let us know your name and email address at


This form does not commit you to taking the course. It is to help us gauge interest in the topic and communicate news about the course. We have applied for funding to develop this special business course for biomedical scientists. We feel our funding application is competitive and we will be notified of a funding decision in May. If successful, we will have a very short timeline for application and selection of participants, and this form helps us get a jump on the process of application and selection. Please feel free to contact Kim Petrie if you have any questions.

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