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Free Webinar! How to Choose an Exciting Career Path In Tech Transfer (sponsored by AUTM)

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Free webinar brought to you by the Association of University of Technology Managers (AUTM)

Date: August 4, 2015 (Tuesday)
Time: Noon – 1:30 p.m. EDT

Location: Online
Moderator:   Dipanjan Nag, Ph.D., MBA, CLP, RTTP, IP Shakti, LLC
Presenters:  Rubayath Mohsen, Rockefeller University
                      Jay W. Schrankler, University of Minnesota

Who should attend:  Beginners and prospective individuals who are interested in exploring technology transfer as a career path.

Registration Now Open: 

Intellectual property has come to the center of attention in every economy around the world. Universities are the heart of creating new inventions from the ground breaking research that they perform every day. Technology transfer plays a critical role in transferring those inventions to the market in creating products that touch our lives every day. The profession of technology transfer has evolved over the years and is one of the coveted professional tracks for scientists, engineers, lawyers, and marketing professionals. The overall goal of science is to create breakthrough products to help people live a better life. What most people aren’t aware of is, technology transfer sits at the juncture of scientific research, business and law. The webinar will focus on how someone interested in this exciting field can further turn the interest into a career choice: what helps and what doesn’t. The panelists will provide their personal experience in how they transitioned from the lab bench or industry to the first Tech Transfer job.

This webinar will also discuss the background and training needed to enter the profession of technology transfer. What are some of the sought after skills sets for tech transfer offices. The pathways to get to a certification such as a RTTP or a CLP and how that could help someone entering into tech transfer. For professionals who are in their early stage career in tech transfer, what are some of the key skills they need to learn to move to the next level? The various functions within a tech transfer office, such as marketing, licensing, contracts, software analysis, compliance, operations, finance and negotiations.

Learning Objectives
• Learn how to research Technology Transfer as a Career
• Gain an appreciation for mentorship in this career
• Learn to understand the different roles in a Tech Transfer Office – your options!
• Discover the fine balance of Science, Business and Law in this field
• What education and certifications might assist in landing a job in tech transfer
• What are the hottest areas in tech transfer career

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