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Future Faculty Career Exploration Program at Rochester Institute of Technology

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The Rochester Institute of Technology is currently accepting applications for a Future Faculty Career Exploration Program which will be held September 29 – October 1, 2016.This program is the cornerstone of our recruitment strategy and critical to the success of RIT’s faculty diversity goals. We bring brilliant scholars who are nearing the end of their doctoral or MFA studies, as well as post-docs and junior faculty, to experience RIT as a prospective faculty member. Participants of the program have the chance to discover RIT’s unique teaching and research philosophy from our world-renowned faculty. The FFCEP program allows participants to engage RIT Deans and Department Chairs in their academic work and career interests.  They’ll also learn about current and upcoming position openings. This is not a job placement program, but rather an opportunity to experience what life as an RIT faculty member would be like during all-expenses-paid trip to Rochester, New York.

Program Objectives

  • Establish meaningful relationships with prospective faculty members.
  • Lay the foundation for future networking opportunities with scholars from other universities.
  • Strategically prepare for pending faculty needs to cover future curriculum development and course offerings.
  • Proactively seize upon employment opportunities where exceptional prospects are found.
  • Serve as a bridge to assist in transition from a graduate school student to a faculty member.
  • Prepare future faculty for a career in the academy.

Program Benefits
FFCEP is a unique and exciting opportunity to explore faculty positions at RIT through:

  • Exploratory, candid discussions with faculty in host college
  • Networking receptions with RIT’s President, Provost, deans and department heads
  • Formal presentations of your research
  • Campus and community tours
  • Panel discussions with AALANA faculty and students

Applications are due May 16 at

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