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Science and Research Opportunities in India (Sci-ROI) Young Investigators Meeting in Chicago, IL Sept 8-9

Posted by on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 in Announcements.

The Science and Research Opportunities in India (Sci-ROI) invites you to participate in the Young Investigators Meeting in Chicago (YIM©2018).  The event will be held on September 8th and 9th 2018 at the University of Chicago. For more information please visit:  

Sci-ROI, is a volunteer-run not-for-profit organization of scholars and professionals of Indian origin. The objective of Sci-ROI is to promote multi-dimensional engagement between the US and India and to give voice to the transformative ideas of the young South East Asian diaspora. In that context, the key goals of the 3rd annual Sci-ROI-YIM© event are to enable and encourage young scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to:

  •          Explore career opportunities in India,
  •          Interact with hiring managers/institution directors, senior academicians, entrepreneurs and government representatives,
  •          Track the rapidly evolving science, technology, and innovation landscape in Indian academia and industry,
  •          Increase awareness of newly emerging Science &Technology initiatives between the US and India,
  •          Engage policymakers to help define academic and industrial policies that foster collaborative ventures,
  •          Promote innovation through entrepreneurship and novel modes of academic and/or industrial partnerships.
  •           Most importantly from last year, we have hiring managers who exclusively interview prospective candidate pre-                    screened based on their Institutional requirements. For this, we are arranging separate interview rooms.

This year’s Sci-ROI’s YIM©2018 is co-hosted by University of Chicago and Winstep Forward. Based on our enormous success from last year, we are confident that the students/postdocs and the broader scientific community will benefit tangibly by participating in this year’s event.  As a new career development opportunity, we invite this year’s participants to submit their resumes and research abstracts (Please visit the registration site for more details) for consideration by institutional directors and faculty hiring committees. The resumes and abstracts will be sent to YIM©2018 delegates for prescreening interviews during the main event. To be considered, abstracts and resumes must adhere to the provided format. Please visit for more information about the layout and format for the 1 page abstract and 1 page CV. To ensure full consideration, we request that the materials be submitted by August 16th.

Importantly, this event is not just for those who are looking for positions in India but also for those who wish to establish collaborations or participate in ongoing collaborations between US and India. We urge those who are interested to register soon as possible because seats are limited due to space restrictions.

Please email at  if you have any questions or concerns.

We request that you kindly spread the message to the broader STEM community and to young investigators, including project scientists, research associates, postdoctoral associates and pre-doctoral students.