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Volunteer for Pen Pals with a Purpose!

Posted by on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 in Announcements .

The Pen Pals with a Purpose program is now recruiting! Graduate students are paired with an MNPS middle school student to exchange monthly letters that encourage higher education and explain what graduate research is like. The program ends with an in-person meetup and celebration!


This program is incredibly important as the kids are developing their written communication skills and has even been published in a Vanderbilt article. Please see the attached flyer, our website, or email for more information. The steps to sign up are below and only take ten minutes!


  1. Fill out the google form.      Signup
  2. Join the Anchorlink Page.    Anchorlink
  3. Make sure your Protection of Minors is up to date (completed after 7/1/19) and email the certificate to

Protection of Minors 


If you need help with the Protection of Minors certification you can check this website for more detailed instructions or email us.