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Job Opportunity: Senior Scientist (PhD), Bioassay and Impurity Testing, Pfizer, St. Louis, MO

Posted by on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 in Job Opportunities .

Job Requisition ID: 4791735

*Note: alumni referral Larry Thompson, PhD


Bioassay and Impurity Testing Group:  We are seeking a candidate to join us in building capabilities to lead the industry in the advancement of novel products to the market through innovation and execution of analytical testing.   This position will provide laboratory support and contribute data and knowledge to the development of gene therapies (e.g., adeno-associated virus) with emphasis on mammalian cell-based bioassays, a range of immunoassays and PCR technologies.  Working within a team setting, the qualified candidate will be responsible for developing analytical methods to monitor the intended mechanism of action of drug candidates and to confirm residual host impurities are controlled.  This data is required to elucidate structure-function and to confirm suitable quality of clinical supplies in a broad biologics portfolio with a primary focus on gene therapy (viral vectors).  The candidate will work across analytical functions and projects and will also provide technical counsel to other scientists, organizations and senior leadership.


  • Developing, performing and troubleshooting cell-based assays and immunoassays, while applying these methods to a broad range of biotherapeutics.
  • Designing and performing qPCR experiments and leading the advancement of new DNA technologies to support robust assay development and product understanding.
  • Documenting and reporting lab work according to GMP practices
  • Effectively interacting with multi-disciplinary project teams.
  • Learning quickly independently and from others
  • Providing data analysis and interpretation to teams and customers.
  • Authoring, revising and reviewing test methods, technical reports and regulatory content.
  • Mentoring colleagues on scientific and strategic directions.


  • Ph.D. in immunology, cell biology, virology or closely-related field with 0-5 years of experience or B.S./M.S. with 7+ years of relevant experience
  • Excellent technical writing and verbal presentation skills.  Outstanding leader behaviors and the ability to collaborate and mentor others.
  • Experience developing and performing cell-based assays, immunoassays and qPCR methods


  • Proficiency in DNA technologies such as primer/probe design, digital droplet PCR and sequencing data interpretation
  • Viral vector experience
  • Experience in FRET, PLA and High Content Imaging
  • Proven record of delivering results in a fast-paced environment and effective communication to project teams
  • Experience in GxP (GLP, GMP) environment and implementation of continuous improvement practices
  • Method validation experience

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