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ADvantage one-week internship through Bain & Company

Posted by on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 in Announcements .


ADvantage is a one-week internship for Advanced Degrees seeking a deeper immersion into life at Bain. The internship begins with a full day of training, followed by four days of a staffing assignment on a real Bain case team. During the week, you’ll participate in our client work, manage your own work stream, and engage in a variety of social activities. Successful interns will receive an expedited final round interview for a 2019 full-time Consultant offer.

Full details here – application deadline is March 21st!

ADvantage will be offered by the following Bain offices the week of May 17 – 21, 2021:​

North America:​

  • Atlanta​
  • Austin​
  • Boston​
  • Chicago
  • ​Dallas​
  • Houston​
  • New York​
  • Mexico City​
  • San Francisco​
  • Silicon Valley​
  • Toronto​
  • Washington, DC​

Asia Pacific & Australia:​

  • Bangkok​
  • Beijing​
  • Hong Kong​
  • Jakarta​
  • Kuala Lumpur​
  • Melbourne​
  • Perth​
  • Shanghai​
  • Singapore​
  • Sydney​
  • Tokyo​


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