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Virtual Career Development Workshop, July 28-29

Posted by on Thursday, June 24, 2021 in Announcements, Workshops and Seminars .

The Leadership Alliance is excited to announce its upcoming Virtual Career Development Workshop from July 28-29, 2021. The ASPIRE team is proud to be a part of the planning committee for this year’s event, which also features Senior Associate Dean Kathy Gould and Assistant Dean Ashley Brady as speakers.

The Virtual Career Development Workshop is an opportunity for graduate students and postdocs to learn more about potential career paths, build their professional network, and apply practical advice to the next phase of their careers. Participants can expect to leave this workshop with:

  • A professional development plan
  • An expanded professional network of peers and mentors
  • Tools to market themselves to potential employers
  • Advice to improve their resumes or CVs

Registration closes on July 19, 2021. Please visit the workshop homepage for more information and to register.

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