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ASPIRE Module: SciComm For All

Posted by on Monday, July 26, 2021 in Upcoming BRET Office of Career Development Events .

Successful science communication is at the core of just about everything in science. This module—essentially an eight-part workshop—will give trainees in the sciences greater skill, ease, and confidence in formal and informal science communication scenarios. Through a series of practical exercises, participants will gain experience speaking to and writing for a variety of audiences and exposure to best practices for effective communication of complex topics to nonspecialists.

***assignments for this module will include, an Op-Ed, a policy memo, a research highlight, a 3 minute thesis, and a profile*** 

Instructor: Abby Olena, VU PhD 2015, correspondent for The Scientist

Capped at 10 participants


By the end of this module, each student will:

  • Understand the communication concepts shared between all types of writing and speaking about science.
  • Demonstrate skills in several modes of oral and written communication.
  • Be able to apply communication best practices to scenarios beyond this class.


Fridays, 12:45pm-2pm (September 17 – November 3) via zoom

Application Deadline: Monday, August 23

See the website devoted to this offering

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