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Teaching opportunity for the newly designed first-year IGP curriculum

Posted by on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 in Announcements .

Are you interested in gaining teaching experience?


Opportunity for postdoctoral trainees to act as assistant facilitators for a 9-week period.  The newly-designed first-year IGP* curriculum includes 2 discussion sessions each week, under the direction of a faculty facilitator and based on the scientific theme of the week. The themes will span genetics, the central dogma and cell signaling.


Assistant facilitators will help run discussion sessions with groups of ~12 students on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (9-11am) beginning August 26th and ending October 21st. During each session, the facilitators and students will discuss a single scientific paper related to the week’s theme. During some sessions, the assistant facilitator will also guide students in working through applied questions on concepts related to the theme.


Responsibilities include (i) reading the assigned papers/questions and attending a weekly orientation session with the theme leaders; (ii) facilitating discussion amongst the student group both in the absence and presence of a faculty facilitator; and (iii) grading summaries/synopses of the papers from the students using an appropriate rubric.


Participation in this opportunity would provide valuable experience in multiple aspects of teaching including material preparation, discussion facilitation and assessment.

Interested individuals should obtain permission from their PI and email Barbara Fingleton for more information (