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Metro Nashville Public Schools seeking volunteers for “Accelerating Scholars” virtual tutoring program

Posted by on Thursday, August 26, 2021 in Announcements .

We’re looking for 2,000 volunteers to help launch Accelerating Scholars, a high-impact virtual tutoring program for up to 7,000+ students.…/supporting_our…/accelerating_scholars


Sign up via PENCIL to help change a child’s life

Accelerating Scholars

High-Impact Tutoring for Nashville Students

The 2020-21 school year presented many unique challenges  – especially for many of our schools, families and students.

Despite the hard work of so many parents and educators, Metro Schools has seen some slowed student learning progress, as expected, and especially in elementary reading and middle school math. To help all of our students quickly recover and succeed, we are launching a new high-impact tutoring program called Accelerating Scholars. teacher tutoring student

And we need your help.

High-dosage tutoring is a transformative educational intervention tool and, when implemented correctly, proven to have consistent, substantial positive effects on both academic and social-emotional learning outcomes. You can help change a child’s life by volunteering as an Accelerating Scholars tutor.


Signature Initiative

Accelerating Scholars is one of 14 signature  initiatives for Metro Schools. Our signature initiatives, focused outcomes and core tenets drive the work of making Every Student Known.

Learn more about our commitment to Every Student Known.

Volunteer with Accelerating Scholars

Through Accelerating Scholars, we plan to match up to 7,000+ MNPS students with trained, high-impact tutors. To do this, we need to recruit at least 2,000 community volunteers to tutor MNPS students who may need a little extra help and support with personalized and positive learning experiences for students.

Requirements/information about training:

  • Volunteers will be trained by PENCIL on content, how to structure a virtual tutoring session, the virtual platform all tutors and students will use, and more.
  • Volunteers will provide at least three, 30-minute-long, one-on-one, virtual tutoring sessions every week for at least 10 weeks, beginning Sept. 7 through Nov. 19. Session times will be matched to each volunteer’s availability.
  • Accelerating Scholars tutoring sessions can take place during the regular school day or during structured after-school programming.

This will be a convenient and easy process, and your impact could make a lifetime of difference in the lives of Nashville’s students. If you’re interested in volunteering in this program, sign up today at BrightPath Tutors.

The Accelerating Scholars program will:

  • Connect thousands of Metro Nashville Public Schools students with a trained tutor and learning coach
  • Create a more personalized and positive learning experience for students
  • Boost skills, confidence and academic outcomes among students who may need a little extra help and support
  • Focus on 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade reading – as well as 8th and 9th grade math – with all instructional content reinforcing and amplifying classroom lessons and curriculum
  • Provide research-based, virtual tutoring sessions that will be at least 30 minutes long, at least 3 times each week, for at least 10 weeks, during the regular school day or during structured after-school programming
  • Offer individualized or small-group instruction only – with 3 or 4 students connecting with a licensed teacher; 1 or 2 students with a trained paraprofessional; or one-on-one instruction with trained college and community volunteer tutors

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