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Job Opportunity: Business Intelligence Analyst, BioCentury, Inc.

Posted by on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 in Job Opportunities .

Business Intelligence Analyst (BioPharma)

Employment Duties:
The Business Intelligence Analyst (BioPharma) responsibilities include researching, interpreting, validating and structuring clinical and financial data to provide decision-making information for BioPharma industry executives. The BI Analyst is required to research relevant scientific journals, company websites, regulatory sites and databases, press releases and other sources as necessary to identify discovery, clinical, regulatory and manufacturing events in the drug development process, as well as financial, licensing, and merger and acquisition transactions. The BI Analyst will populate BioCentury’s database platform(s) with the results of this research. The BI Analyst will monitor data collection processes to ensure data integrity and may assess and recommend new data procurement and processing software and database programs.

The BI Analyst is required to ensure the work is aligned with corporate priorities and will liaise with multiple departments within the Company. The analyst may also work with internal BioCentury users to create business intelligence reports and analysis applications using a variety of software tools.

• Masters in Science (Biology, Pharmacy, Business)
• Experience researching and reviewing drug development scientific literature and/or drug manufacturing processes.
• Experience interpreting business strategy and commercial ideas in drug development and/or drug manufacturing
• Experience with data processing, data visualization, or business intelligence software
• Demonstrated ability to work on a team and deliver results

BioCentury provides independent deep-dive analysis, high-quality data and business intelligence to biopharmaceutical executives and investors in the U.S., Europe and Asia. We dissect trends before others, helping to position our customers for change and to capitalize on that change before the competition. No matter where our customers are in the drug development process—from idea to patient—we help answer critical questions, decipher strategic trends, objectively evaluate product and business strategies, and assess competitive, financial, and policy risks.

This is a full-time position located in the U.S. The Company’s main office is in Redwood City, Calif., but remote offices are possible.
Although the position is in the U.S., it is required to work across multiple time zones. Our team is located throughout the U.S. and in Europe and conducts business daily with customers throughout Asia as well.

The ability to accomplish goals in collaboration with colleagues in all departments and locations is required. Finally, all BioCentury employees are obligated to meet the highest standards with respect to accuracy, conflict of interest, intellectual property rights, slander, confidentiality and respect for information sources and our audience.

Interested Candidate please submit a cover letter and resume to: Only submissions with cover letters will be considered.

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