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Job Opportunity: Project Manager, VUMC, Nashville, TN

Posted by on Thursday, February 10, 2022 in Job Opportunities .

Job: Program Manager, Division of Allergy, Pulmonary, and Critical Care Medicine.

Location: VUMC, Nashville, TN

Key Responsibilities

  • Manages research projects
  • Assists with grant preparation and progress reports
  • Contributes to the design, coordination and conduct of research projects
  • Interfaces with academic and industry collaborators
  • Oversee data management and analysis involving large, complex datasets
  • Combines data from multiple sources to derive conclusions, measures and recommendations
  • Manages and oversees IACUC and IRB submissions and approvals
  • Performs technical writing and editing
  • Drafts presentations and written documents
  • Contributes to technical reports
  • Contributes to peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts
  • Serves as resource to others
  • Provides guidance to junior team members
  • Participates in recruiting and hiring of team members
  • Provides input and/or conducts performance conversations and evaluations
  • Manages the components of a clinical research program(s).
  • Establishes, supports, and promotes ownership of team/departmental goals. Works as a team to accomplish common departmental goals. Willingly accepts responsibility and performs expected and unexpected tasks. Willingly exerts extra effort when necessary to get the job done.
  • Exhibits strong leadership skills. Applies key concepts of facilitative leadership. Delegates tasks as appropriate and follows up to assure completion.
  • Effectively motivates team members. Listens and understands other team member’s point of view. Considers suggestions from others. Creates and supports a climate of trust, openness and honest communication.
  • Recognizes areas of responsibility and takes charge of them. Takes ownership of problems brought to their attention. Follows through from analysis to problem resolution. Takes responsibility for mistakes and learns from them.
  • Ability to accept constructive criticism. Demonstrates a positive attitude in response to suggestions for improvement.
  • Assigns and reviews work; effectively prioritizes tasks and work assignments.
  • Delegates tasks as appropriate and follows up to assure completion.
  • Encourages appreciation and respect of diversity in workplace. Treats all team members as unique individuals with valuable resources and skills that enhance the team.
  • Plans, organizes, and completes projects in an efficient manner.
  • Leads team discussion to generate cost effective ideas.
  • Designs, develops, and revises standards, utilizing community and national standards, research findings, and bench marking data, e.g. budgets, guidance documents, determination letters, etc.
  • Define and achieve financial targets for the unit/area, consistent with the departmental financial plan
  • Develop clinical study budgets and negotiate with sponsors as well as internal departments
  • Report findings that occur as part of the audit process and incidental discoveries to the director/administrator for auditing, correction and/or educational purposes.
  • Exercise judgment and prepare supporting or correcting documentation regarding Institutional and Federal billing policies.
  • Ensure a safe, satisfying and enriching environment for employees and provides a qualified, competent staff
  • Defines qualifications and performance expectations for staff positions and re-evaluates over time. Establishes objective scoring criteria to decrease bias during evaluation.
  • Assesses the composition of the team and identifies potential deficiencies. Develops and communicates team goals providing appropriate follow-up to assure resolution.
  • Creates an environment that encourages and supports self-development and learning through regular, immediate feedback. Thoroughly documents all conversations with teams to provide detail needed in future performance evaluations or counseling’s.
  • Assures that each staff member’s ability is regularly assessed in meeting the performance expectations stated in his/her job description. Assesses accomplishment of last year’s goals and creation of next year’s goals based upon individual and departmental goals
  • Assures the development of staff members through orientation, training programs and work experience. Strives to develop individualized professional development plan to guide staff to success, focusing on areas needing growth.
  • Recommends personnel action, including hiring, promotions and terminations.
  • Counsels employees with regard to disciplinary actions taken in response to violations of institution/department policies.
  • Communicates in and across teams to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and information sharing.
  • Monitor quality assurance standards, programs and procedures within the unit/area
  • Analyzes situations/events, develops recommendations/plans and prepares presentations/conclusions.
  • Uses innovative thinking when developing alternative solutions.
  • Can distinguish critical needs/problems from less urgent ones. Demonstrates ability to prioritize tasks and issues.
  • Participates in professional associations and development activities to remain informed regarding new developments in the field and disseminates information to the team/department.
  • Actively seeks customer feedback to improve processes, systems, and outcomes.
  • Initiates and contributes to the development and/or modification of departmental policies and procedures.
  • Promotes the routine use of CQI concepts among team and department to continuously improve standards, processes, and daily operations. Promote a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Creates and supervises complex QA/QI audits. Conducts complex QA/QI audits.
  • Utilizes PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Audit) format to document/implement CQI suggestions.
  • Attends institutional CQI class and applies concepts learned.
  • Employs concepts of business process re-engineering.
  • Actively identifies and participates in educational and developmental activities to improve knowledge and performance to sustain and enhance personal and departmental development.
  • Collaborates with others to identify, develop and implement educational opportunities across the research community.
  • Nurtures a life-long learning environment.
  • Keeps abreast of and applies regulatory guidelines and institutional/departmental policies and procedures.
  • Performs continuous self-assessment.
  • Applies innovative thinking when developing alternative solutions.
  • Distinguishes critical needs/problems from less urgent ones.
  • May present at national conferences/panels or contribute to publications.
  • May chair or serve on internal and/or institutional committees.

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