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NIH OITE Mental Health Series – Depression and Depressive Disorders

Posted by on Thursday, February 10, 2022 in Workshops and Seminars .

The NIH OITE continues our series on the mental health and well-being of the biomedical research community with a webinar on depression and depressive disorders on February 7th at 3:00pm. The webinar will explore the spectrum of depressive experiences, from feeling down to clinical depression, and significantly impaired functioning. Additionally, the webinar will share tips, tools and resources that can help with managing depressive symptoms as well as tools for supporting others dealing with depression. We will hear from a variety of speakers including an NIH OITE wellness advisor, a psychotherapist, and a psychiatrist who will share their unique perspectives and address those in the biomedical field.

Following the webinar, at 4:15pm, there will be facilitated small group discussions led by OITE wellness advisors. There will also be two supplemental sessions offered later in February, one focused on mindfulness for depression and the other will be a journaling session. Information on the follow-up sessions will be sent to those who register for the webinar.

How to Register 

  • Here is the link to register.
  • This series is open to everyone at NIH and beyond so feel free to forward this email.
  • You can use the same link to watch the webinar later, typically 12-24 hours after the live webinar.

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