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Job Opportunity: Assistant Dean for Research Support and Compliance, Vanderbilt University – Nashville, TN

Posted by on Monday, April 4, 2022 in Job Opportunities .

The Vanderbilt School of Medicine is looking to hire someone to work closely with Dr. Chuck Sanders in his role as Associate Dean for Research in the Office of the Dean of the School of Medicine – Basic Sciences.  The likely title of this position will be “Assistant Dean for Research Support and Compliance”.  The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. or M.S. in a scientific discipline, some degree of knowledge of the Vanderbilt system as it relates to research, and have good written and verbal communications skills. Please find the job description and application instructions below:

Position Summary

The ASSISTANT DEAN FOR RESEARCH SUPPORT AND COMPLIANCE (ADRSC) is part of the Office of the Dean, School of Medicine Basic Sciences at Vanderbilt University (VBS). The successful candidate will serve on the leadership team of the Dean’s Office, working under the direction of the Associate Dean for Research (ADR) to execute and and manage various function related to the support of the research enterprise within VBS. The ADRSC will be expected to work productively with other members of the leadership team of the Office of the Dean of VBS as well as with the counterparts of this team located in other Schools and Offices across the University, such as the Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR), lab safety officers, VUIT, Development, and Public Relations.

Under the direction of the ADR, the ADRSC will exercise independent judgment and initiative while managing support of the research activities by faculty, staff, CORES, IT, and biotech/pharma industry visitors. This includes oversight, compliance, and administrative management activities. The ACRSC will call and oversee annual Conflict of Interest management/review meetings, and other such meetings related to research support. They will participate in CORES meetings. They will also manage activities related to research administration, compliance, safety, and quality control. Careful attention to detail and excellent oral and written communication skills are required. Also required are excellent computer organizational and record keeping skills. A degree in science (preferably an M.S. or Ph.D.), research experience, and some familiarity with working with grants submission/administration, budgets, RedCap, and spreadsheets is desirable.

Key Functions and Expected Performance

The Associate Dean for Research (ADR) will supervise the roles of the Assistant Dean for Research Support and Compliance (ADRSC) as they carry out the following tasks:

  • Manage Faculty Incentives/Rewards programs and related record keeping and reporting
  • Manage the promotion and administration of Bridge and related VBS internal grants programs (Jump Start, Visiting Scholars awards, etc.) and related record keeping and reporting
  • Monitor and bring awareness of funding opportunities (grants, fellowships, etc.) to the attention of faculty and other VBS personnel and encourage them to apply.
  • Work with counterparts in the OVPR to manage S10 NIH and NSF MRI equipment grant submission, in conjunction with the CORE administrative team.
  • Serve on the NIH-requisite Oversight Committees for operation of equipment acquired via NIH S10 or related federal grant mechanisms.
  • Communicate useful information regarding research, policy, to VBS faculty
  • Prepare and submit reports periodically to the Associate Dean of Research or to other senior leaders.
  • Proof, finalize, send, and archive important letters on behalf of the Office of the Dean of VBS.
  • Collect and compile information from faculty members for a variety of uses
  • Participate in university committee work (Compliance, Safety, Research Computing, Research Council, etc.)
  • Promote VBS research in conjunction with Development and PR officers.
  • Participate in visits of biotech/pharma industry visitors to VBS to explore collaboration/funding possibilities.
  • Contribute to programs to promote faculty entrepreneurship.
  • Maintain relationship with our development team to help them identify and promote VBS investigators and research for companies and for foundations.
  • Participate in CORE oversight and governance with respect to their scientific activities and compliance with research-related university and federal policies. This will be carried out in consultation with the CORE business team.
  • Play various roles in COI management compliance.
  • Coordinate and participate in yearly Conflict of Interest review meetings and the preparation of subsequent reports.
  • Preparation and distributing of official letters, reports, memos, etc.
  • Participate in the oversight and coordination of activities of both VUIT and internal IT staff in VBS, particularly as it relates to high performance computer, computer security, and compliance issues.
  • Ensure university IT compliance requirements are met in VBS.
  • Curate for long-term access computer files related to the work of the ADR
  • Arrange for long term storage/archiving of key documents and computer files for the ADR office.
  • Carry out various projects commissioned by the ADR, as needed
  • Work in productive partnership with the Assistant Dean of FIRM.

Experience and Skills

  • Some knowledge of Vanderbilt systems such as Oracle and iLab is preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree is required; Master’s or Ph.D. degree is preferred. At least one degree should be in science.
  • Laboratory experience is strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of MS-Office programs (especially Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) are essential
  • REDCAP experience is preferred

To Apply

Interested candidates should send their CV along with a statement of interest to Dr. Chuck Sanders (chuck.sanders@Vanderbilt.Edu)

**(Exact Job Title and Salary Will be Adjusted, in Part, on the Degree and Experience of the

Successful Applicant)

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