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OUTbio Mentoring Program

Posted by on Thursday, June 30, 2022 in Announcements .

Empowering LGBTQ Professionals in Drug Development

OUTbio is the biotech industry’s largest LGBTQ professionals group. Our mission is to empower the LGBTQ community and its allies in biotechnology and affiliated industries. Founded in 2015 and incorporated as a non-profit in 2019, OUTbio has over 1,200 members across all facets of biotech.

Why biotech? Why Boston?

Biotech encompasses a vast range of technologies, but in Boston, Massachusetts it largely means drug development. The medicines of tomorrow are being discovered and developed within a few square miles where several key factors overlap to make the world’s leading biomedical innovation hub: incredible science in both academic and industry labs, expert venture capital, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and an incredibly specialized workforce with a thriving LGBTQ community.

OUTbio Mentoring Program 

Deepening professional networks by sharing experience

In July 2021, OUTbio launched its mentorship program, to further the organization’s mission of empowering LGBTQ professionals in biotech. By building connections and sharing knowledge across generations, we create a stronger community, help our members work towards their career goals, and create a new generation of mentors.

The program’s design and roll-out were built on survey data collected from OUTbio membership about needs and preferences regarding a mentoring program and were further informed by external professional advisors. Approximately 15 pairs of mentors & mentees were introduced by the end of 2021. The experience ranged from people just entering the workforce to late-career senior executives in various geographies.

LGBTQ biotech professionals looking to be a mentor or mentee can express interest in the program by emailing and sharing their background/LinkedIn profile, nature of their interest (mentorship/mentorship, with any particular focus and/or career aspirations), and any other pertinent information.

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