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PhD Career Stories: Medical Science Liaison

Posted by on Friday, July 29, 2022 in Upcoming BRET Office of Career Development Events .

The ASPIRE program will be hosting Dr. Joelle Martin, Medical Science Liaison at Alimera Sciences. If you have ever considered this career path or just want to learn more, be sure to attend!

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Dr. Joelle Martin is a Medical Science Liaison at Alimera Sciences, Inc. Dr. Martin completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience from Washington State University in 2015, and then went on to earn a PhD in Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health from Virginia Tech in 2021. She has contributed to research projects focused on cognitive decision making, traumatic brain injury, and more extensively, glioblastoma multiforme. Now an MSL at a retina focused pharmaceutical company, Dr. Martin has focused on translating skills gained in academia to the MSL role for a successful first year of relationship building, insight gathering, and navigating the joys and woes of frequent travel.

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