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Job Posting: Post-doctoral Fellow, Ayala Lab, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Posted by on Friday, August 26, 2022 in Job Opportunities .

The Ayala lab is seeking a post-doctoral fellow interested in mechanisms regulating feeding behavior and body weight. Research in the lab focuses on mechanisms by which the incretin hormone Glucagon-like peptide-1 (Glp1) and Glp1 receptor (Glp1r) agonists target the central nervous system to regulate caloric intake, feeding behavior, and body weight. We approach this using state-of-the-art techniques at the intersection between whole-body physiology, metabolism, and neuroscience in mouse models. Techniques to which you will be exposed include metabolic phenotyping, DREADD/optogenetics, fiber photometry, behavioral analyses. Current projects include:
1. Investigation of molecular mechanisms in the hypothalamus targeted by Glp1r agonists to reduce food intake/body weight.
2. Interrogating how Glp1r agonists and Fibroblast Growth Factor-21 (FGF21) regulate carbohydrate consumption.
3. Investigating the role of Glp1 producing neurons in the brainstem in the regulation of feeding behavior in response to metabolic and psychogenic stressors.

We are looking for a highly motivated individual with expertise in metabolism and/or neuroscience. The Ayala is a diverse group and working in the lab provides an opportunity for interactions with a variety of different collaborators.


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Julio E. Ayala

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