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Postdoctoral Research Associate in Cytoskeletal Biophysics

Posted by on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 in Job Opportunities .

The Molecular Biophysics and Engineering Lab in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at
the University of Mississippi is seeking a full-time Postdoctoral Research Associate to lead the
development of new experimental assays for understanding the mechanics of cytoskeletal
crosstalk using optical tweezers and other biophysical approaches. The goal of the lab’s work is
to understand how cytoskeletal protein ensembles work together and communicate at the
molecular level to facilitate large scale cellular tasks, such as division and muscle contraction, as
well as identify mechanisms of disease.

The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. (or soon to be awarded Ph.D.) in biophysics, engineering,
biochemistry, or closely related field and experience in experimental biophysics. The candidate
should have familiarity with in vitro reconstitution, microscopy, and the cytoskeleton. Strong
interpersonal skills necessary for a highly collaborative and inclusive environment, excellent
communication skills (oral and written), and a proven track record of research evidenced through
peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations are required. Interest in leading the
establishment of new skill sets within the lab, such as cell culture, protein expression and
purification, preparation of cytoskeletal proteins from tissue, and/or computational modeling of
protein ensembles is desired but not required.

• Lead the development of new in vitro cytoskeletal assays using biophysical experimental
techniques, such as optical tweezers, fluorescence microscopy, and QCM-D
• Interrogate the physical properties cytoskeletal building blocks using spectroscopic and
computational approaches
• Innovate assay designs and approaches as needed and informed by experimental results
• Generate, compile, and interpret experimental data from in vitro studies
• Assist with daily lab operations and with mentoring junior lab members
• Develop and contribute to grant reports, new grants, manuscripts, and conference

Application Process
Interested applicants should apply at by submitting a combined PDF of the
following: cover letter, curriculum vitae, two sample publications, and contact information for three
references. The cover letter should clearly state the candidate’s research experience, interest in
the lab, and future career goals. Any inquiries related to the position can be sent to Dr. Nikki
Reinemann (