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Stanford Health Equity Media Fellowship

Posted by on Friday, March 24, 2023 in Announcements .

The Stanford School of Medicine Health Equity Media Fellowship, has begun a new program from Medical Humanities and the Arts. The fellowship is a paid reporting opportunity for early career media and health professionals designed to help fill a gap in rigorous, long-form, solutions-driven reporting on health equity in the United States. This year’s fellowship will focus broadly on themes related to Asian health.

Health journalism has flourished over the last three years due to the pandemic. At the same time, news outlets have dwindling resources, a limited pool of proficient health care reporters, and few paid opportunities for early career storytellers.

The program will launch in September 2023 with co-directors Michael Nedelman and Dr. Bryant Lin. It will be funded through grants from the Center for Asian Health Research and Education (CARE) as well as private donors.

The fellow will be paid a graduate-equivalent stipend for the yearlong fellowship.

The program is open to fellows from diverse backgrounds, including those with a traditional media background and those with careers in health care or research. Fellows will work together to shed new light on health disparities; hold health institutions accountable; explore emergent solutions and trailblazing ideas in medical research and healthcare; meet physicians and leaders currently engaged with the field; and build portfolios and cultivate practical skills through workshops in health, narrative, and storytelling.

The fellowship begins with an intensive workshop series from September 7 to 22, 2023, at Stanford University’s medical campus. Toward the end of the academic year, the program will work with media partners to support an externship placement with a regional or national news organization.

Stanford’s Medical Humanities and the Arts program seeks to extend education and impact beyond academia and Silicon Valley and into the communities most impacted gaps in health equity, while acknowledging that academic programs alone are not enough to fix historical systemic issues in healthcare.

The application is open to all early career journalists, researchers, and clinicians regardless of academic or professional affiliation. Recent Stanford graduates are encouraged to apply.


  • Submit an application, including two short (200 word) story pitches relevant to Asian health no later than April 1, 2023.
  • Application Fee: $35

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