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Summer Skills for Health and Research Professionals (SHARP) Program

Posted by on Thursday, April 27, 2023 in Announcements .

The summer Skills for Health and Research Professionals (SHARP) Program is here! Geared towards early-career postdocs, these 1-4-day trainings in omics, data science, climate, and professional development provide immediate take away skills for investigators from any institution and are offered in a variety of in-person, virtual, and hybrid formats.

Registration is now open for 29 hands-on summer boot camps designed for health and research professionals from any organization and all career stages! Learn immediate take-away skills directly from the experts over 1-4 days this summer. Training formats are either in-person in NYC, livestream, virtual over Zoom, or a hybrid mixture.

This year some exciting new topics have been added, such as (PI’s Business of Research, Statistical Analysis with Missing Data, Indigenous Environmental Health Research, Code Rigor and Reproducibility in R, Exposure Modeling, Bayesian Modeling, Creating Compelling Research Narrative, etc.) for a total of 29 summer trainings 

For more information and how to register, please click on the links below:

SHARP Training website

Register here to find your training