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Open Call for Genentech Postdocs

Posted by on Sunday, July 23, 2023 in Job Opportunities .

Genentech, a world-class biotechnology company in South San Francisco, is launching an Open Call for our postdoc program aimed at identifying top scientific talent, independent of a specific job posting for a given scientist’s lab. Applicants are provided the freedom to select three potential Genentech postdoc mentor’s that they are most interested in working with in order to propel the next stage of their scientific career. 


Our existing postdoc hiring process will also continue, wherein students can apply for specific openings, however this new approach enables students to apply for a postdoc position in ANY Genentech postdoc mentor’s lab. Learn more about the benefits of being a postdoc at Genentech here



Applications for the “Postdoc Hiring Initiative (PHI): Open Call for Postdocs” are due by Monday July 31, 2023 at 12pm PST. We plan to offer this type of postdoc opportunity during a limited timeframe on an annual basis. 

Apply here:



·  Recent graduates <three years since receiving degree> of a doctoral program (PhD) or in the final year of doctorate in a relevant field of science 

·  At least one first-author research publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal or currently in press

·  A demonstrated ability to think critically, work independently, and solve complex problems

·  Excellent written and oral communication skills, as well as strong interpersonal skills




Submitted CV to include:

·  Previous research, educational and other relevant experiences

·  Full publication list, including “in-press” and recently submitted papers

·  Contact information for three professional references 

Submitted Cover Letter (1000 words) to address the following: 

·  Personal statement: summarize your background and interests (400 words max)

·  Mentors: Identify three Genentech postdoc mentors that you are interested in doing research with and describe why (200 words max). 

·  Potential Project: write a brief description of a potential project, set of scientific questions or experiments that you would be excited to pursue at Genentech (200 words max) 

·  Overcoming Obstacles: tell us about a time when you overcame a challenging obstacle in science, career or life; and what you did to address it (200 words max)


Want to learn more? Check out a Recording of our recent PHI Info Session to learn more about the postdoc program and hear from postdocs and postdoc mentors about their experience working at Genentech here –

Questions? Email us at

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