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Special issue of Developmental Biology devoted to career paths in science

Posted by on Friday, September 22, 2023 in Path to Career Resources .

Are you exploring career options in science? Check out this special “Careers Beyond the Bench” issue of Developmental Biology. It features short, first-person perspective articles about different career paths. What makes this special issue “special” compared to other career exploration resources is that the writers describe their career path and career decision points in detail, explaining how and why they made the various career transitions that led to their current role.

In it you’ll find articles about careers in:

  • technology transfer
  • science education and educational research
  • college teaching
  • business development
  • academic administration
  • publishing and editing
  • science policy
  • patent law
  • nonprofit management
  • science writing
  • investment banking
  • government administration

Check it out!

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