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Finding Funding for your Research- databases you have access to from Vanderbilt University subscriptions

Posted by on Wednesday, November 29, 2023 in Path to Career Resources .

Did you know that Vanderbilt University maintains two subscriptions to grant search databases that you can use to find funding for your work?


To access SPIN, you will need to create a profile. If you have a Vanderbilt email it will be approved by the Provost’s office and you will be given access.

A tutorial for using SPIN can be found here:  Finding Funding Opportunities: Strategies for Success


Links to these resources and user guides can be found on this page:

In addition, the Office of the Provost has hosted a variety of training webinars that are recorded or have slides posted and can be found here. This includes one for GrantForward (Sept 2021) as well as  one on writing white papers for sponsors (Feb 2021) and some other interesting and relevant topics.