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Free Master Classes for Every Career Stage

Posted by on Thursday, February 8, 2024 in Path to Career Resources .

Have you browsed our free Science Journalism Master Classes recently? Whether you’re new to science writing or established in the field, these courses will help you sharpen your ability to find and vet story ideas, craft effective pitches, report and write impactful stories, and more. Each course drills into one skill or habit, presented in a series of five to eight lessons, delivered by email. You can sign up at any time and get started immediately—there’s no set start date.

Each of our master classes also has the option to download a “Course Essentials” worksheet after finishing the course and to request a certificate of completion. Our courses include:

  • How to Find an Angle for Any Science Story
  • How to Pitch Science Stories that Sell
  • How to Spot Scientific Hype and Misinformation
  • How to Ace the Study Story
  • How to Center People in Science Stories
  • How to Own a Science Beat

Read more about each course and sign up at the Science Journalism Master Classes landing page.