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CDC Laboratory Leadership Service Fellowship

Posted by on Wednesday, April 10, 2024 in Announcements .

CDC’s Laboratory Leadership Service (LLS) fellowship program prepares high caliber PhD scientists to become public health laboratory leaders. Through on-the-job service at CDC and other public health laboratories, fellows acquire and apply skills in laboratory quality management, the science of biosafety, and leadership.

The CDC Laboratory Leadership Service (LLS) was launched in 2015 and develops laboratory scientists who integrate safety and quality as principal elements in their work, which is vital to protecting the public’s health, safety, and security.

In this two-year competency-based experiential learning program, LLS trains fellows in laboratory quality management, the science of biosafety, leadership, and other critical skills—building a strong foundation for future public health laboratory leaders.

LLS is closely aligned with CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) to promote interdisciplinary training, applied learning, and networking between laboratory scientists and epidemiologists. LLS provides opportunities for fellows to serve public health agencies and learn through field experiences and domestic or international emergency responses.

LLS fellows learn through on-the-job experience, classroom instruction, case studies, exercises, and e-learning. Throughout their fellowship, LLS fellows:

  • Learn skills in and apply public health laboratory competencies—particularly those focused on biosafety, quality management systems, and management and leadership—as they approach real world public health scenarios
  • Begin training in July with an intensive, one-month orientation in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Attend a one-week in-person training each fall of the fellowship
  • Participate in brief monthly trainings
  • Have access to many other optional training opportunities that they can take based their needs
  • Learn about and have access to CDC-specific tools for literature reviews and data analysis (including tools for bioinformatics and informatics)
  • Obtain education through hands-on activities under mentorship and guidance from host site laboratory supervisors
  • Present findings from investigations and studies during regular seminars and annual conferences
  • Attend trainings, conduct investigations, and network with EIS officers and other CDC fellows

The application period closes June 3, 2024. See details of the application and timeline here.

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