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Resume & CV Writing

There is no easy formula to create the perfect CV, resume, or cover letter. Fortunately, the articles below can assist you in building these documents, and we encourage you to reach out if you would like to have your CV, resume, or cover letter reviewed.

The Guide to Resumes and Curricula Vitae by the NIH OITE is a great resource for all CV and resume needs.


Academic CVs

Industry CVs

Cover Letters

Other Resources 

  • and have hundreds or articles covering scientific training, career development, and the science job market. Many of the columns are written by career scientists.
  • provides a voice for early career scientists. It covers topics from graduate school survival to finding employment. Many of the articles are entertaining; some are cynical; most are informative.
  • The Career Journal is the Wall Street Journal’s online career magazine for executives, managers, and professionals. Thousands of great articles on everything from writing an effective resume, to negotiating a raise. Not specific for scientists, but very valuable advice, nonetheless.
  • Business Week has a similar online career magazine.