Search Strategies

Career guides

Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty: This book is a collection of practical advice and experiences from seasoned biomedical investigators 

Career Basics: Advice and Resources for Scientists: Seven chapters of career advice from 

Career guides from American Society for Cell Biology:
Career Advice for Life Scientists

Life Sciences Research and Teaching: Strategies for the Successful Job Hunt

Career guides from the American Chemical Society (these guides have some chemistry-specific information, but most offer solid advice for all scientific disciplines. All are available at the ACS Career Center online): 
Employment Guide for Foreign-Born Chemical Professionals
, And Gladly Teach: A Resource for Chemists Considering Academic Careers
, Job Search Strategies for Chemical Professionals
, Interviewing Skills for Chemical Professionals


Search Strategy

First Time on the Market? Library of resources from The Chronicle of Higher Education 

It Pays To Plan: Why You Need a Career Map by Carol Milano for 

Your Official Job-Application Checklist by David D. Perlmutter for The Chronicle of Higher Education 

Keeping Track of Job Postings by Heather M. Whitney for The Chronicle of Higher Education 

Career Trends: Building Relationships- Mentoring, Collaborating, and Networking by and AAAS 

Conducting the International Job Search by Katrina Gulliver for The Chronicle of Higher Education

Essential Steps to Conducting an Informational Interview from Georgia Institute of Technology

Tips for Picking the Perfect Postdoc Position by the AAAS blog, Driving Force

Two Part Series on Governement Jobs: How to Find and Read Job Ads and Which Federal Agencies & Contractors Hire Scientists? by the NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education

Use Spreadsheets to Keep Your Job Seach Organized

PhD Jobs: How to Transistion from Academia Into Business from Cheeky Scientist

Full Listing of Science and Technology Policy Fellowships


Learning about Companies

Vault has individual company listings include corporate histories, major products, lists of company executives, and fact sheets with sales and employment figures as well as general guides on job searching topics. (Note: Vanderbilt’s subscription to Vault is provided by the Vanderbilt Career Center. You will need to log in with your VUNet ID and password, then create an individual Vault account to access the content.) 

Glassdoor is a resource that provides salaries of people employed at the companies you are targeting.

Find Companies with SBIR/STTR If you are interested in working on cutting edge technologies or for a start-up, you can find companies that have small business innovation grants.


Making Yourself Unique

How to Create Digital Letterhead for Your Department and Job Searchby Brian Croxall for The Chronicle of Higher Education

NextGen Voices Survey from AAAS


Social Media

Common Sense Social Media Job Search Etiquette from Career Rocketeer 

5 Clever Ways to Get a Job Using Social Media by Dan Schawbel for Mashable 

5 Painless Steps to Controlling Your Online Rep by Miriam Salpeter for Money 

Career Checklist for Your LinkedIn Profile by Sandy Jones-Kaminski for BioSpace 

Best Career Websites of 2013 by OITE Careers Blog 

Tips on How to Improve E-mail Communication from The GradHacker blog

To Connect or Not to Connect by Kim Petrie

6 Mistakes to Avoid Making with You LinkedIn Profile by Bob McIntosh



The Why’s and What For’s of Employment References by David Jensen for 

Getting Great Letters of Recommendation by Richard M. Reis for The Chronicle of Higher Education 

The Scarlet Letter: Tips for Obtaining the Best, and Avoiding the Worst, in Your Letters of Reference by Peter Fiske for

Interfolio, a dossier and portfolio service recommended by fellow trainees in the job search


Once You’re Hired

Seven Deadly Sins for New Hires by Larry Buhl for


Managing the Job Search with Spouse/Partner

The A to Z of Dual-Career Couples by Female Science Professor for The Chronicle of Higher Education 

How to Cope on the Market as an Academic Couple by Ellen Ostrow for The Chronicle of Higher Education

Work-Life Balance tips and advice from those with experience

How Stereotypes Can Drive Women to Quit Science by Shankar Vedantam

A Postdoc's Guide to Pregnancy and Maternity Leave from The National Postdoc Association

Afterbirth and the Academy by Rachel Leventhal-Weiner at Vitae.

Job Searching While Pregnant by the OITE Blog (Office of Intramural Training & Education, NIH)


Career Options

Alternative Academic
Big Data
Business Development
Clinical Research
Defense and Intelligence
Drug Development
Global Health
Government Administration
Government Research
Grant Management

K-12 Teaching/Outreach
Medical Communications/Writing
Medical Science Liaison
Nonprofit Administration/Management
Patent Law
Regulatory Affairs
Research Administration
Research and Development
Science Journalism
Science Policy
Technical Sales/Support
Technology Transfer
Tenure Track Research
Tenure Track Teaching