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A man in a white coat and tie stands next to a medical school seal

Amad Amedy

Class of 2025

Program: MD

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Undergraduate Institution: Wesleyan University

Specialty Interest: Undecided

Hi! I’m Amad. I consider myself so lucky to be at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine where I can give back to my home community while attending a top-tier institution. I grew up in Nashville’s vibrant Kurdish community, the largest in the United States. I’m actually the first Kurdish student at VUSM, and I have opportunities here to give back to my community through the student body’s commitment to service. I’m part of the Kurdish American Medical Association, and I’ve worked with classmates to go to local schools in underserved parts of Middle Tennessee to connect with students and show them that no matter your background, you can find a place in medicine and achieve your goals. In my free time, I enjoy club soccer and connecting with research groups. Vanderbilt is a welcoming place that brings together students from all walks of life, including those like me who took gap years to research, travel, and work. Nashville has always been home to me, and I hope you can find a home here, too.

Fun fact about me: If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, I’d be eating a ton of fish tacos.

Reach out to me about:

  • Living in Nashville
  • Gap years
  • Global opportunities
  • Wellness
  • Student life

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