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How to Use the BRET Office of Career Development Blog

Posted by on Monday, November 21, 2016 in Announcements .


The BRET Office of Career Development blog can really pack a punch! There is MUCH more to the blog than just the first page. We use it as a repository for career information and professional development opportunities, and you can essentially use it as a gateway page to learn about any career path. See below for some Tips and Tricks!


I’m interested in certain career fields.

Check out the Career Options tags! By clicking a Career Options tag, find articles, resources, events, and opportunities related to a career path. We usually tag Job Openings with a Career Options tag, too, providing insight into job descriptions and companies that may interest you in the future.


Tags… why are they helpful?

Our tag system is very robust. Whether you want to see Skill Development opportunities, find all resources related to the Academic Search, view Events, or learn more about ASPIRE resources, there is a tag for that!


How are Categories different from Tags?

Categories are more broad and focused on currently available opportunities. Rarely are blog posts categorized by more than one category.


Where are the jobs?

The best source of information about current job openings is our Twitter feed. The Twitter feed contains jobs we re-Tweet from other websites AND job openings that are sent to us directly by employers. We also post the jobs sent to us by employers on our blog.


What is Path to Career?

There are two things on our website called Path to Career. One is a webpage with all resources available for you in your current stage of career exploration. The second is a blog category that outlines resources related to your career exploration. They both contain the same information, but they originate in different locations on the Career Development website.


The Networking tag is a great spot to see all the ways to build professional relationships. We even use the tag at opportunities that may not seem like traditional networking opportunities, and we do this to remind you that networking can sometimes happen anywhere!


But I don’t want a job right now. How is the blog helpful?

Now is the time to lay the foundation for searching for jobs that may be of interest to you when the time comes (yes we said jobSSSS!). The Career Exploration tag is a great way to see opportunities that help you discover career fields or your interests. This is a good time to explore!


How is ASPIRE different from Career Development?

The ASPIRE Program is a grant-funded initiative of the BRET Office of Career Development. ASPIRE provides opportunities to broaden your training and develop key professional skills. Both the ASPIRE Program and the BRET Office of Career Development serve biomedical sciences graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and they are complementary, not exclusive.

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