Jeffrey Neul, Ph.D., M.D.

Professor of Pediatrics

Annette Schaffer Eskind Chair in the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Research Description

The Neul lab focuses on using animal and cellular models to understand the pathophysiology of neurodevelopmental disorders to develop and evaluate novel therapeutics. Specifically, the Neul lab focuses on Rett syndrome, a disorder that primarily affects girls and robs them of their ability to speak and use their hands. The majority of cases of Rett syndrome are caused by mutations in the epigenetic factor Methyl-CpG-binding Protein 2 (MECP2).

Dr. Neul is also deeply involved in human-oriented research on Rett syndrome and related neurodevelopmental disorders. He is the leader of a long-standing NIH-funded longitudinal natural history study of Rett syndrome and related disorders, conducts human genetic studies on these disorders, and is active as a clinical trialist of novel therapeutics.

Dr. Neul is the Director of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center which is devoted to research and education on developmental disabilities.

Clinical Interest

I am a child neurologist with a focus on neurodevelopmental and neurogenetic disorders. Specifically, I focus on Rett syndrome and other related disorders such as FOXG1 and CDKL5.

Selected Publications