Why Vanderbilt?



The community

One of Vanderbilt's signature features is its warm, diverse, and supportive community.

Each student brings something unique to Vanderbilt, and each benefits from the diversity of background and experiences of their colleagues. School of Medicine students are placed into one of four Advisory Colleges. Students share academic and social experiences within their College, and are guided by dedicated faculty mentors.

Community extends beyond that – students have a warm, collegial, and meaningful relationship with faculty, who are eager to support them.


Vanderbilt's hometown is a vibrant, engaging city known proudly as "Music City, USA"

Students and faculty quickly fall in love with Nashville. The city exudes charm and hospitality, and offers world-class dining, museums, parks, and performing arts. And, of course, incredible music and nightlife are steps away.

Innovative curriculum

Medicine is constantly evolving, and the way it is taught should, too.

Unlike traditional curriculum, Vanderbilt's Curriculum 2.0 incorporates meaningful clinical and research experiences right from the start. The integrated approach was thoughtfully designed to position students to assume leadership roles in shaping the future of medicine, and to become lifetime learners.

Unparalleled opportunities

Incredible opportunities are available for students outside of class.

Take a leadership role in the Shade Tree Clinic, a free community clinic formed in 2004 by Vanderbilt students. Research with creative and prominent scientists in one of 500 cutting-edge biomedical laboratories. Interact with patients and clinicians at the world-class Vanderbilt University Medical Center, located just across the courtyard. Take advantage of travel funding to present research at an international conference. Opportunities for students to explore their interests are plentiful.

Finding balance

Work-life balance is an integral part of the student experience.

Vanderbilt Commodores are teaching, studying, and researching subjects they are passionate about – but The School of Medicine knows the importance of balance. From retreats to fitness classes, nights at the museum, concert outings, and the College Cup – an Olympics-style competition of athleticism, intellect, culinary skills, and spirit – the School of Medicine always has something going on.

Diversity is in our DNA

The best environment for learning is a diverse environment.

Vanderbilt is about striving for excellence. Diversity of backgrounds, ideas, and approaches helps get us there. Vanderbilt celebrates a rich diversity of thought and identity, and students represent a spectrum of racial, cultural, ethnic, religious, spiritual, gender, sexuality, and geographic backgrounds.

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine emphasizes collegiality, wellness, and collaborative success.

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